Housing Cladding Services

Cladding is the skin of your house – it’s the outer layer that helps to insulate and protect it from the weather, whilst it improves your home’s appearance, too.

We use two methods to clad your home, rendering with an external coating, or uPVC Cladding

uPVC Cladding

External uPVC Cladding helps to radically alter the appearance of your home.

Crest Homes are proud to use Kestrel uPVC cladding for it’s projects. The cladding comes in various profiles, textures and colours  along with matching accessories allowing you to choose the new style and appearance of your home. All Kestrel uPVC Clading products comes with the required British Building regulation certificates ensuring they are safe and certified to use including fire retardation, strength, stability and durability.

  • Kavex© range provides an authentic textured wood effect.
  • Insulating capabilities.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • PVC-UE cladding is completely unaffected by damp, rot, decay, frost and is resistant to attack from insects.
  • BBA approval
  • Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BES6001

We recommend you take up the optional insulation installation with the new external cladding. Not only will your house will look different, you should save money on heating bills with the insulation keeping the house warmer in the winter.

Housing Cladding Services


The most common term for an external plastered finish, render can hide a multitude of sins and protect the walls.
Render is traditionally built up in two or three coats, which are less likely to develop surface cracks. The undercoat smooths out the wall’s surface and forms a strong bond, while top coats create the finish.
Stay Bright uses Plaspertex wall coatings for it’s external rendering projects as it is highly durable with a long life. It comes in a number of colours and finishes for you to select that perfect finish for your home.

Housing Cladding Services